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Hanna Kaciniel
Hanna Kaciniel

My name is Hanna Kaciniel and I was born in 1978 and grew up in a small village in Poland. My passion with art started when I was very young and was taught to draw and paint by my Grandfather. I participated in additional art classes at school and was tutored by Ms Danuta Luczkiewicz who had a huge influence on my style and helped me to prepare for the art secondary school entrance exams. Years 1993-1998 I spent in the art secondary school in Koszalin (Poland), where I graduated with a diploma under the supervision of Ms Ewa Zebrowska-Miskiewicz.

In 2001-2004 I studied at the Politechnics of Koszalin, Design Department, with the main subject: interior design. When my studies were complete I moved to Scotland to further pursue my career. My inspiration is taken from nature and from people arround me and each day I discover new themes for my work. The ultimate statisfaction comes when my work pleases my clients and I know that I have provided them with something special and unique. My work can be found in private collections in Poland, Czech Republic, Scotland and England.

"This world is but a canvas to our imagination!"

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